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Biography of Michela Salotti
Illustrator/Author/Comics writer

Michela   Salotti   was born in Piacenza   ( Italy)  in 1974   by two   lovers of comics  who  genetically transmitted  her  this passion.   Growing up  she  is lucky enough to   be friends with   John   Freghieri ,  her countryman   and designer of   Dylan Dog ,  who teaches her   the basics   of this art.  Sh e attended   the Art Institute   " Gazzola" in Piacenza, where s he took courses in   drawing, sculpture   and printmaking ,  in the early   years of her career   has dealt   mainly   of   illustrations for books   and   in 2007she made her debut   with her first   autobiographical comic book   that talks about   energy techniques . Sh e has worked   with the publishing house   Renoir Comics   as a colorist   and   currently works   full time as an   author and illustrator   for the   publishing house   New Children   To   The Man   of the Future   Editions   (  One   hour   Publishers   ( www.unoeditori.  com) .  Since 2010   collaborates with   Parents   Channel (  as an illustrator   for   informational videos   and some   directors, screenwriters   and actors   Italians   as a story   board   artist ,  in 2011 she made her debut   as a writer   of   short films   for   the manufacturer   Riky   Andy   Production   with   short ( Stalking - 're not alone).  In 2012   began   the collaboration   as a graphic artist , author  and illustrator   for   Fabbroni   Editions .  From 2013  s he collaborated with   the   web - magazine  Quantic   Magazine (  as an author   of articles . Sh e recently   signed a contract   with the publishing house   Quantic   Publishing (  with which   publish   numerous books   and comics   for   children and young people   of a spiritual nature   in   e-book format ,  in both Italian   and English.
She was selected  to the exhibition of   " Eurohumor"  smile   biennial   2003/2004
has passed the   competition selection   of   comics   " Torinocomics"  2005

has passed the   competition selection   of   comics   " Torinocomics"  2006

Nando & Caruso di Federico Nardo (Renoir Comics)   2009


"21 Piccole storie zen" (Bambini Nuovi Edizioni) 2009
"La Terra della Magia e le 11 porte" di Damian Chiapella (Bambini Nuovi Edizioni) 2010
"Elfo l’Elefante e il gioco della vita" di Sara Bassot (Bambini Nuovi Edizioni) 2010
"Capire il corpo è un gioco da Ragazzi" della dott.ssa Sophie Ott (Bambini Nuovi Edizioni) 2011
"Creativi Culturali" di Sara Bassot (Lulù edizioni) 2011
"Aiuto imparo a sciare" di Sara Bassot (Lulù edizioni) 2011

"Intrappolati nella rete" di Eliselle (Fabrizio Filios editore) 2007
"Vicky Nu Age " di Michela Salotti (Fabrizio Filios editore) 2007- Quantic Publishing 2013 e-book
Il partigiano e la bambina di Ermanno Mariani (Fabrizio Filios editore) 2008
Il conte Buso vol. I di Ermanno Mariani (Fabrizio Filios editore) 2008

Illustrated books   (author   /   illustrator)
Collana "I Piccoli Illuminati" (Bambini Nuovi Edizioni) 2009/2010
Collana "I Grandi Maestri" (Bambini Nuovi Edizioni) 2010

Storyboard artist for video comics:
"La febbre" (Genitori Channel) 2010
"Come funziona il cordone ombelicale" (Genitori Channel) 2010
"La manovra Kristeller" (Genitori Channel) 2010
"I soldi crescono sugli alberi" (Genitori Channel) 2011
"Prittolandia" (Genitori Channel) 2011

Books (author)

"Il cammino della luce" 2013 (Fabbroni Edizioni)
Commercials and short films
Spot per Global Humanitaria Italia Onlus con Gerardo Placido di Diego Somigliana (Spaziocinema)
Stalking – You are not alone " (Ricky Andy Production)

Screenwriter   short   and feature films :
"Stalking You are not alone" (Ricky Andy Production) short film 2012
"Miracle in Ambulance" short film next production 2014
"Elena ‘s proof" short film next production 2014

Training for personal growth
1999-2001 -I and II level of Reiki Ushui
2002-2006 -I and II level of Theta Healing
2007 -Merkabah Meditation
2007 -Shamanic method Medicine for the Earth (Sandra Ingerman)
2009 -I level EFT
2010 -Manifestation and Abundance
2010 -Akashic Record Reading for the Soul
2011 -Workshop to integration of the shadow
2012 -Workshop of past life hypnosis whit Brian Weiss
2012 -I level of Summa Aurea
2012- Interpretation Runes
2013 – II and III level Summa Aurea
2013 – Ilahinoor with Kiara Windrider

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